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DVD Conversion / DVD Transfer

Do you have home movies that you've recorded onto VHS, MiniDV or Hi8mm tapes?  Preserve videos of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, vacations and other special moments on a DVD!  VHS tapes are terrible in quality.  Hi8mm tapes are only marginally better.  The MiniDV tapes are great for their quality, but they are still tapes.  Tape wears out over time and these most precious of memories should be preserved forever.  Why not transfer them to DVD?  Once your VHS tape, Hi8mm tape or MiniDV tape is transferred to DVD, you know that the quality of the recording will never degrade further.  DVD's are easier to backup and make copies of.  And, unlike tape, the original recording will not degrade each time you make a copy of it.  The information is stored digitally on DVD and can be played back on any DVD player or home computer with a DVD drive.

Let us help you preserve your memories forever.  Give us a call at 416-828-2020 or submit the quote request form below today to find out about pricing.  Pricing depends upon the length of the recording, the quantity of DVD's you require and shipping costs (if any).  If e-mailing us with an inquiry, please include the number of hours you want transferred, the number of DVD's you require, your address (to determine approximate shipping costs) and the source material (VHS, Hi8mm or MiniDV tape).  We will process orders from anyone, anywhere in North America!  On-Site pickup and delivery can be arranged in the Greater Toronto Area.  You can get in contact with us by clicking the "Home" or "Contact Us" buttons above.

Discounts will be given for larger orders.  All amounts are payable by certified cheque, money order or pay online with a credit card using PayPal.  If you live in the greater Toronto area and a pickup is desired, then payment can also be made by cash and there will be a pickup and delivery fee.  Please rest assured, knowing that any information that you provide us here will be used ONLY by us.  We will not share this information with anybody, anywhere for any reason.

Please Use This Form To Obtain A Quote

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Please Allow Up To 24 Hours For Your Quote Via E-Mail, Thank You

Our Customers Write.....
  I wanted to let you know that the DVDs arrived today and I'm very happy with your work and product. Thank you for making the best quality product possible.  I really appreciate you adding in chapter points to the DVDs as well, as even if they don't relate to anything specific, it makes it a lot easier to flip through the DVDs to find things.  I am thoroughly impressed by both your customer care and your quality product, and will most certainly be doing business with you again.  Thanks for a pleasant and rewarding transaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our DVD Transfer Service

Q.  How does your service work?
A.  We transfer video from VHS tapes, MiniDV tapes or Hi8mm tapes to DVD via mail from anywhere in North America!  First, you go to our GET A QUOTE page and tell us the details about your video transfer.  We send you a quote for our DVD transfer services.  You send payment to us via PayPal online and mail your video tapes to the address below.  If you prefer to pay by certified cheque or money order, just send it with your video tapes.  We transfer the video to DVD and mail your video tapes AND your new DVDs back to you!
Q.  What Is PayPal?
A.  PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods used to pay for goods and/or services online.  You can pay merchants online directly from your credit card or bank account via PayPal!  It's 100% safe and secure and very easy to join.  And, there are absolutely NO FEES for buyers so it is also FREE to join.  Millions of merchants accept PayPal payments!
Q.  Where are you located?
A.  We are located in the Toronto area.  If you live in the Toronto area, then pickup AND delivery of your tapes and DVDs can be arranged.  In these cases, the turn around time is generally a few days.
Q.  What kind of video quality can I expect?
A.  It all depends on the source tape.  VHS is good.  Hi8mm is better.  MiniDV is best.
Q.  How much video can you put on a DVD?
A.  You have a choice.  You can get 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours OR 6 hours on each DVD.  As the amount of time increases, the quality of the recording decreases.  If possible, it's best to choose 1 hour per DVD, providing the best possible recording quality.
Q.  What is the turn around time for your services?
A.  We will have your DVD transfer completed as soon as possible.  Generally, we can have your VHS, MiniDV or Hi8mm tapes AND your finished DVDs back to you within 10 business days.  For residents in the Toronto area, even sooner!
Q.  What if I have special instructions regarding the transfer of my video tapes to DVD?
A.  Almost all of our customers have special instructions for us.  It's no problem.  Send the instructions to us with your videos or through e-mail.  We stay in contact with you and let you know what is happening each step of the way.  We will notify you when we receive your video tapes, and again when we ship your video tapes and DVDs back to you.  You can always contact us through our website, through e-mail or you can call us at 416-828-2020.


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